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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We invite you to an unforgettable destination wedding in the magical Greek island, Aegina.

Whether it is just the two of you or you are sharing your special day with family and friends, let us be there to guide you along the way to what your heart desires. Your wedding in Aegina will be stress free, dreamy, idyllic, fun, memorable, planned, coordinated & executed all within your budget.

Imagine your dream wedding: a sandy aisle on a beach with the sea as your backdrop, serenaded by a saxophonist, or a historical church ceremony with majestic music, followed by a night of starlit kisses, dancing, and a lavish reception.

Contact us to make this dream your reality.

What we can offer

Karakasis Events can make your wedding in Aegina island an unforgettable one time experience.

  • Accomodation

    Accommodation in beautiful private villas for you and your guests. We can recommend a list of top hotels and villas to choose from and arrange the booking for you if requested. We have contracts with the best ultra-luxury hotels, boutique hotels, luxury villas, peaceful studios and apartments to suit all tastes, that will fulfil your dreams.

  • Decoration

    We partner with the best flower specialists and decorators to cover every demanding need and we take care of all the necessary wedding decorations for you to enjoy a flower filled marriage, flower decoration of the church or town hall for the wedding ceremony and bride's bouquet & Groom's boutonniere.

  • Transportation

    We can rent a car for you to enjoy your wedding vacations the entire time you are on holiday in your favorite Aegina island. We cooperate with most major car rental agencies in Greece, so you can simply tell us what car model you want and we will make a reservation for you. Also we can ensure, rental of a boat to use for your wedding transportation, and your excursions.

  • Bureaucratic paperwork

    We are completing all necessary procedures and documents and permits for your wedding. A destination wedding requires a legal validation procedure, but you will avoid all the bureaucracy as we take care of the wedding document legalization in Greece. There are different legal requirements for every wedding type, the procedure may vary, from couple to couple as it depends on their country of origin, religion or other personal legal issues. All you have to do is send us by mail the documents of your family portion 30 days before marriage.

  • Bride & Groom Beaute

    Our services includes the best professional hairdressers and make-up artists which will offer you high quality aesthetic services such as a hairdresser for groom and the bride, make-up artist for the bride, manicure, pedicure and waxing, full beauty treatments and Spa services for the couple and guests. We want you to be the most beautiful couple of newlyweds and enjoy your wedding day.

  • Photography & Ceremony

    We provide full coverage of the wedding and the wedding party with professional photographers and special videography and photography of the couple on the main attractions of the island dressed in their wedding garments. During the wedding ceremony fireworks will light the sky for the happy event visible from the whole island. After the wedding ceremony we will organize your wedding reception in a traditional Greek tavern with special delicacies, wine and champagnes with Greek musicians to play live for you big musical hits for unique feast. Also the reception will be decorated / themed parties with flowers and filled with many traditional appetising catering and full champagnes. You can choose between live music with Greek musicians and dancers or music from famous djs. Also a large wedding cake will be waiting for you to sweeten your guests.

  • Daily Cruise

    On the Next Day of your wedding, we can arrange an exotic cruise for you and your guests in the Saronic Gulf Sea. Our photographers will capture unforgettable poses of the couple and the guest for your wedding book. Aegina Island has natural beauty attractions, caves, secluded virgin beaches, protected wetlands. Flocks of dolphins, turtles, seals, ancient monuments.

and many more...


Whether is in a private villa, a church or an estate near the sea we will have it all prepared for you!

Your wedding you will be a unique approach of your style and luxury, to impress your guests and get an experience that is going to stay imprinted for a lifetime.

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